Our Staff

Staff training is paramount to our success

Mackie Eyecare and Mackie Specstore employs 6 optical assistants who have a combined work experience of 72 years and the average length of employment is 12 years. They are sent on continuing education and training courses throughout the year to keep up to date on product knowledge. Each Optical Assistant will give you the the correct advice on all aspects of patient care from explanation of the eye examination to frame and lens selection.

In addition our Optical assistants sub-specialise Pamela and Allison have an interest in additional tests such as visual fields; Sheona and Lynn have an interest in Contact Lenses; Margaret and Liz have an interest in Frames. Our pledge is professional eyecare and customer service, second to none.

The Eyecare Team @ Bothwell

The Specstore Team @ Lesmahagow