Update From Mackie Opticians

Lockdown Easing

All of our services have now resumed to those that we offered pre-COVID. This includes full eye examinations, the fitting of contact lenses and eye casualty clinics, such as removing foreign bodies, or Blephex treatment of the eyelashes for dry, irritated eyes.


The new levels of patient care is now exceeding our pre-COVID clinics and as such, we have expanded our clinics to 10 sessions per week and have taken on a new Dispensing Optician with over 30 years’ experience.

Open Door

Our practices have now returned to an open door policy, and therefore you can attend at anytime to choose frames, or to get a repair. However, you may be offered a different time to collect your spectacles to reduce busy times.

NESGAT Qualification

Drs Scott and Roisin Mackie are studying for an additional qualification so that they can see more hospital patients in their practices, as part of their commitment to lifelong learning.

New Frame Ranges

During the pandemic, when we were not running as an Emergency Eyecare Treatment Centre, we used our time to restock all of our frames and expanded our range with new collections, such as Prada and Tom Ford.

New Visual Stress Clinic

With an increase in patients with reading difficulties, we have opened a specialist clinic which also includes conditions such as migraine and dyslexia. Visit our website and listen to our Ask the Doctor podcast for more information.

Private Ophthalmology Referral

With many NHS clinics having excess waiting times of up to 2 years, we can liaise with colleagues and find other solutions for you, such as fast track referrals for cataract, or new treatments for glaucoma.

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