Paediatric Eyecare

The NHS recognises the importance of children’s eyecare and provides eye examinations and spectacle lenses free of charge.

Spectacle frames range in price from free to £89.99 using a choice of frame materials from 20 different frame manufacturers.

Looking after young eyes
A weekly paediatric clinic is held in each practice where specialised optical equipment enables examination of children from the age of 1 year. Assessment of children can reveal problems at an young age many of which respond well to early treatment such as spectacles, patching or referral for further assessment.

Spectacle frames
Mackie Eyecare and Mackie Specstore have updated their range of children’s and teenager frames.  This includes a new range of FREE frames; a new range of designer frames inc. Emporio Armani, Ray Ban and Fila; a new range of mid priced frames inc Disney, No Fear and a new range of frames for babies/toddlers including tomato eyewear.

Spectacle Lenses
Polycarbonate and TRIVEX lenses are now available for both teenagers and children for a small supplement above the NHS lenses.  These lenses are unbreakable, thinner than conventional plastic and produce a better cosmetic effect.

Sports vision
With more and more children actively participating in sport Mackie Eyecare and Mackie Specstore have sourced a number of manufacturers to supply prescription goggles for swimming, football, cycling, tennis and golf.

Contact lenses
Daily Disposable contact lenses are now available in almost every prescription and are easy to insert and remove. This is a great way to start wearing contact lenses and cost as little as 29p per day.  Following a contact lens trail lenses are given and with a 98% success rate Mackie Eyecare and Mackie Specstore can help you achieve good vision and comfort.