Hearing Care

About 1 in 6 of the UK population have hearing loss and in addition about 10% of us get Tinnitus being a buzzing or ringing sound with no external source.

We have been asked by many of our patients if we can provide a hearing service. As such such we looked at partners in the hearing industry which met our standards of professional care and ethical standards. Hear Always met this criteria. They will provide FREE assessments by fully qualified and registered audiologists.

If ear wax is identified this can be removed by painless micro suction or irrigation. Subsequently if you purchase a hearing aid any ear wax removal fee will be refunded. The clinic uses discreet technology giving confidence and clarity using various hearing aid styles. We also provide Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) for patients who struggle to hear in busy places. We can organise regular check ups including any software upgrades or maintenance such as batteries although you can now get contactless charging.

We run our Mackie Hearing clinic in our Bothwell practice on Thursday mornings and in our Lesmahagow practice on Thursday afternoons. We would encourage you to attend your appointment with a friend or family.

What Hear Always customers say

5 stars! I have never heard better since the fitting of my new hearing aids. I now can hear in group conversations even with a lot of noise around me. The volume on my television has now been lowered to a comfortable level for others.