Sports Vision

Are your eyes fit for sport?

Visual ability is an important consideration when taking part in any sporting activity. Visual safety, which will depend on the type of sport which you are undertaking, is also paramount to avoid injury. If you are already wearing either spectacles or contact lenses are they suitable for your particular sporting activity? In addition, you may have been experiencing poor vision, headaches or colour perception problems while taking part in sport. A full eye examination will offer advice on the best practical solution for your visual requirement in relation to comfort and safety when playing your preferred sporting activities.

Contact lenses
These are an excellent mode of vision correction for contact sports such as football, rugby or martial arts. The option of daily or monthly disposable contact lenses are discussed during a contact lens assessment which is free of charge. Please phone the practice for an appointment.

Contact lenses are not recommended for swimming where your eyes are immersed in the pool due to the risk of infection or losing your lenses. Prescription swimming goggles with tinted lenses made from impact resistant polycarbonate offer the best solution in a cosmetically appealing reduced drag factor frame.

Prescription wrap around sunglasses, skiing goggles with prescription lens inserts or contact lenses in conjunction with skiing goggles are the main options when skiing. The relative merits of each can be discussed in relation to your own prescription.

Football/rugby, snooker, fishing, squash, target shooting, scuba diving, cycling and tennis are other sports which require special consultation to determine the best mode of vision correction.