Spectacle Lenses

Tailor-made lenses
Mackie Eyecare is a Hoya Consultant Optician providing personalised lenses which offer optimum vision at all distances using digital Technology.

Pricing Made Simple
1. Choose your Frame
2. Choose your Lenses
3. Choose any Extra Options
At Mackie Eyecare we have a budget to suit all, from our constant sale stand to our range of high street and niche designer brands of spectacles. Each persons eyes are different and we will explain the choice of lenses and any extra options which will benefit you.

High Index and Freeform Aspheric Lenses
These lenses are up to 40% thinner than conventional glass or plastic lenses. They offer improved cosmetic appearance, are lighter to wear and provide enhanced visual clarity (less side distortion). They usually also incorporate a reflection-free coating.

Reflection-Free Coatings
This coating eliminates 99% of indirect glare enabling the wearer to see more clearly and improving the cosmetic appearance of the lens. Distracting reflections from both surfaces of the lens are reduced which can improve wearer safety e.g. night driving and reduce wearer fatigue e.g. computer use.

A tint provides visual comfort in bright conditions by reducing direct glare. Modern tints (ISO) also incorporate a 100% ultra-violet filter to block the harmful rays of the sun which can cause permanent damage to the eye. Tints come in many varieties:

  • colour – grey, brown, Rayban green, Maui Jim NXT, etc.;
  • depth -shade number: 1 (general use) to 4 (sunglass use);
  • photochromatic – depth changes with the level of light;
  • semi-mirrored – providing additional infra-red protection;
  • polaroid -reduces reflections from water/snow.
  • Transition-brown, grey or green lenses that adapt quickly
  • Blue Block – reduces glare for night time driving