Contact Lenses

Thinking about contact lenses

Contact lenses are more popular than ever, as over 98% of the population can now wear them, due to new innovations in design. They offer wearers clear, all round vision with less distortion.

Mackie Eyecare and Mackie Specstore specialise in contact lenses and have accounts with all the world’s leading manufacturers. They are continually researching new designs and attending Continuing Education and Training courses in Contact Lenses throughout Europe to be ahead of our competitors.

Acuvue Centre of Excellence

Fully inclusive pricing including home delivery!

Our prices include:

  • – home or practice delivery
  • – solutions (if required)
  • – aftercare
  • – unscheduled appointments
  • – prescription upgrades
  • – refitting and lost lenses*

There are no hidden extras or aftercare plans to pay for.
*daily and monthly lenses.

Not suitable for contact lenses?
You may have been told previously that your eyes were not suitable for contact lenses or you may be a previous contact lens wearer and discontinued wear. Mackie Eyecare and Mackie Specstore offers a custom fitting for complex prescriptions and have contact lens designs to solve previous reasons of non-tolerance such as dry eyes etc. Our staff will advise you accordingly.

Which type of contact lenses suit me?
From listening to your lifestyle needs we will advise if you should wear your contact lenses part-time or full-time; soft or gas-permeable, daily, monthly or yearly disposable, spherical or toric (football or rugby shaped eye) and clear or coloured contact lenses.

I am over 40, what are my options??
If you need a prescription for both distance and near we can fit you with monovision, bifocal or varifocal contact lenses depending on your suitability and requirements.

What will it cost?
Our fully inclusive contact lens plan starts from 29p per day and depends on the type of lens you wear but is regardless of the power. Our staff will be happy to give you a quote.

Why don’t I get my contact lenses from the internet or supermarket?
The Daily Express recently headlined a feature on contact lenses called ‘Don’t risk your sight for an online bargain’. They described a case study of a woman who bought contact lenses on the internet and developed a corneal ulcer. Following on from this the General Optical Council (ie the optical equivalent to the General Medical Council) recently successfully prosecuted Vision Direct for illegal online sales of contact lenses and was fined £60,000. Furthermore the internet or supermarket suppliers do not provide vital aftercare every 6 months which prevents infection (using Grading scales) and continually ensures your lenses are the correct power and that no other designs have superseded the current contact lens you are wearing. Finally you usually need to buy in bulk and any unopened packets cannot be exchanged or returned should your type or power of contact lens change.  Mackie Opticians purchases its Contact Lenses from 30 different companies all of which are registered in the UK under strict guidelines and you can buy any quantity and return unopened boxes.

100% success – money back guarantee
We are dedicated to providing you with professional eyecare, quality products, competitive prices and a personal service. We guarantee you success or your money back*. (*professional time may be charged but all products will be refunded)

What do I do now?
Phone either Mackie Eyecare or Mackie Specstore and ask for a contact lens suitability consultation. You may also need an up to date eye examination. If you are a current contact lens wearer bring these with your appointment but wear your spectacles if possible. You will then be fitted with stock contact lenses or custom fitted later. A subsequent appointment for collection is made to discuss insertion and removal of contact lenses, hygiene and solutions (if applicable)

Loyalty plan!
A loyalty card is validated upon successful fitting of contact lenses. It offers up to 20% discount on spectacle purchases from Mackie Eyecare and Mackie Specstore.

How to apply contact lenses

How to remove contact lenses