NHS Eyecare



All residents of Scotland are now entitled to a free comprehensive eye examination. In addition, some people are also eligible for assistance towards their lenses.


These include:

  • children under 16 years or under 19 years and in full time education
  • patients with social benefits e.g. income support, income based job seekers allowance, working families tax credit, disabled persons tax credit, pension credit guarantee.
  • patients with complex lenses
  • patients registered partially sighted or blind

Please note patients on a low income (eg student 19 years or above) or other social benefits (eg invalidity allowance) can apply for assistance using a HC1 form which can be collected from our reception.

Support for your lenses and frames means FREE spectacles are available to trade up to different frame or lens options depending on your preference and needs. we also are pleased to accept any prescriptions from other opticians, and offer a FREE recheck before any order.

The NHS and Eye Casualty

Dr Scott and Dr Rosin Mackie were the first couple to register as Independent prescribing Opticains in the UK. they run eye casualty clinics most days and accept referrals form the general public, patients or GPs. they can prescribe medications using an NHS prescribing pad which are free to all residents in Scotland.

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